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Hydraulic/Pneumatic Cylinder Service
Hydraulic/Pneumatic Cylinder Service

We offer a very flexible and intelligent range of Servo Driven Index Tables that are featured with Rotary union for the supply of Hydraulic or pneumatic pressure to the clamps on the fixture.

Parker Electro-mechanical
Parker Linear Belt Actuator

We offer our clients a comprehensive variety of Parker OSPE.B Belt Driven Linear Actuator which offers a cost effective solutions aimed at small to medium industrial applications that calls for high speeds and long travels.

Parker Electric Cylinder

Clients can now enjoy the efficient services offered by Parker Electric Cylinders.

Parker Multi-Axis System

Multi-Axis Connection System - simplifies engineering and installation We are introducing our clients to the perfection of Parker Multi-Axis Connection System which is a versatile system for connection of linear drives in multi-axis arrangements.

Parker Linear Motors

We facilitate our clients with the superb engineering skill of Parker Hannifin who have been delivering groundbreaking automation solutions for decades.

Parker Linear Ball Screw Actuator

The Parker Linear actuator with ball screw that we bring for our clients is a perfect combination of adaptability and rugged construction in a solid motion stand that is ideal for continuous process automation.

Parker Precision System

We offer Parker Precision System to meet the need for greater heat dissipation in high ambient environments.

Parker Servo Drive

Our range of Parker SSD Drives servo products that we directly source from Parker covers extensive variety of power ranges and applications, Parker servo products include application development and configuration software, as well as industry standard bus communication protocols.

Parker Servo Stepper Motor

We source from Parkers the world renowned variety of Parker Servo Stepper Motor that is available in electric, hydraulic and pneumatic technologies in varied range of sizes and configuration including rotary and linear.

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Parker Fluid Connector
Parker High Pressure Hoses

We offer a wide-ranging assortment of hose, fittings and accessory products for specific fluid handling applications across various industries.

Bite Type Tube Fitting

We offer a comprehensive range of Bite Type Tube Fittings that are specifically designed for medium to heavy wall tubing difficult to flare.

Quick Release coupler

We offer Quick Release Coupler that is a device which allows simple, speedy connections and separation of fluid and pneumatic lines.

Hydraulic Pressure Switches

We offer Parker Series PSB Electrohydraulic Pressure Switches that are high performance devices offering an electrical signal when sensed pressure rises above or falls below the selected setting.

Parker O - Lok Fitting

We offer Parker O-Lok Fitting that effectively rejects outflow in hydraulic systems and permit higher operating pressures (630 bar up to 12mm / 1/2" O.D.) We offer the range in Parker O-Lok fittings in steel, stainless steel and brass.

Triple Lok Fitting

We offer Triple Lok Fittings that we source from world renowned manufacturers Parker. The Triple-Lok 37° flare tube fittings have been used in industry for over many decades.

Parker Hydraulic
Parker Hydraulic Cylinder

We serve our clients Parker Hydraulic Cylinder for hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and aerospace systems. Cylinders are available in single rod, double rod or rod less designs.

Parker Hydraulic Pumps

We are distributors of Parker Hydraulic Pump for hydraulic, fuel, oil, fluid transmission, lubrication and aerospace applications.

Parker Hydraulic valves

We are authorized distributors of Parker Hydraulic Valve. These hydraulic valves offer solutions to control the flow of hydraulic fluid in a variety of aircraft applications.

Parker Hydraulic Filters

We source from Parker a comprehensive range of Parker Hydraulic Filter. Parker's value added filtration solutions offer emphasis upon creating engineering solutions to escalate performance, while plummeting real performance costs.

Hydraulic Cylinder Service

We offer comprehensive Hydraulic Cylinder Services where every hydraulic cylinder goes through a stringent inspection process to ensure the highest quality repair in the industry.

Parker Pneumatics
Parker ISO Bore Pneumatic Cylinder

We are proud to be the distributors of world renowned Parker ISO Pneumatic Cylinders and Mini-ISO Cylinders.

Parker ISO Valves

We bring for our clients the world renowned Parker ISO Valves. It is a comprehensive package ranging from 18mm and 26mm valves, to the larger ISO size 1, 2, and 3 valves, all available in either plug-in or individual connector options.

Parker Valve Islands

We source the best of Parker Valve Islands-- The ORIGA IM20 . The modular compact valve island completes the S9 valve range.

Parker Legris Tubing and Fitting

We offer the new Parker Legris PFA tubing assortment, a reasonable, bendable, and multipurpose solution perfect for overall technological success! Parker Legris is introducing its new inclusive range of clear metric tubing in high purity grade PFA, with crystal Coloured grades and an antistatic grade.

Parker Control Valve
Parker Solenoid Valve

We offer comprehensive range of the SV-2 Solenoid Valve that is designed for use in high purity Semiconductor applications, and is also appropriate for Ultra-pure water and aggressive chemicals.

Rotary actuated Control Valve

We offer an excellent quality of Rotary actuated Control Valve designed in such a way that the valve handle is rotated to actuate the spool, as opposed to shifting the spool axially. This offers better metering control.

Parker Angle Body Valve

The Parker Angle Body Valves that we offer is a family of outwardly pneumatically piloted 2-way angle body valves available for on – off or proportional control applications.

Parker Control Valve Positioners

Clients can avail from us an assorted variety of Parker Control Valve Positioners that need actuators to operate.

Lucifier Solenoid Valves

We offer Lucifer Solenoid Valves & Coils that are appreciated for dimensional accuracy, durability and high tensile strength.

Parker SS body valves

We are distributors of Parker SS t Body Valves that is fabricated from CF-8M Stainless Steel, the cast equivalent of 316 Stainless Steel.

Parker Positioning Cylinder
Parker Positioning Cylinder

We offer a very flexible and intelligent range of Servo Driven Index Tables that are featured with Rotary union for the supply of Hydraulic or pneumatic pressure to the clamps on the fixture.

Rotary Indexing Table

Our clients can avail from us a premium range of Rotary Indexing Table that finds application on Special Purpose Machines for repeated positioning & precision indexing.


We offer precision engineered Mechanical rotary and linear manipulators that are offer solutions for moving and locating of pieces at high speed..

Oscillating High-Speed Drive

We offer Oscillating High-Speed Drive that is a mechanical square axis device whose operating principle is almost the same as the IT series.

Servo Driven Index Table

We offer a very flexible and intelligent range of Servo Driven Index Tables that are featured with Rotary union for the supply of Hydraulic or pneumatic pressure to the clamps on the fixture.